Naoya Inoue Recognizes Casimero’s Strength

Boxing monster Naoya Inoue had dinner with his friend and two-weight world champion Hiroto Kyoguchi in January 2023. What the Monster talked about at that time is available on Kyoguchi’s Youtube channel.

I would like to introduce some of the interesting things he said in that video.

According to him, Naoya Inoue said, “I unified four organization champions in bantamweight, but I still don’t have confidence in myself. If I can unify the four organization champions in the super bantamweight division, I think I can probably have confidence in myself,” he said.

Regarding the fight between Inoue and Stephen Fulton, Monster was concerned about the size difference versus him and said, “I have to build my body”.

Kyoguchi also said that Inoue appreciated Casimero’s ability, and Monster also said, “I think Casimero is strong,” and “I think Casimero would win if he fought Luis Nery”.
However, he also thinks that there is no point in having the two of them compete at this point.