Ultimate Guide to Buying Authentic Japanese Knives

I am Japanese. I am proud of Japanese technology and love Japanese knives.

If you are visiting Japan, I hope the following article will help you check out the actual Japanese kitchen knives:
Where to Buy What Type of Kitchen Knife in Japan.

If it is difficult to come to Japan, you can also buy Japanese knives through Internet shopping. However, I was surprised to find that real Japanese kitchen knives are very hard to find on Amazon.com. There are many fake brand products being sold that look like Japanese kitchen knives.

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Therefore, I would like to provide you with some useful information to help you buy authentic Japanese kitchen knives.

Famous Japanese knife brands are introduced in the following article:
Japanese Knives: TOP Brands and Famous Production Areas

Of the well-known knife brands in Japan, the following brands have stores on Amazon.com, so you can shop with confidence:

However, many other knife brands are difficult to distinguish from fake brands on Amazon.com.

Here, I would like to introduce authentic Japanese kitchen knives available on Amazon.com.

My Picks of Authentic Japanese Chef's Knives

The most versatile type of knife is the chef's knife which is about 8 inches long.

Here is a list of knives I have carefully selected from real Japanese chefs. A chef's knife is called a "gyuto" (or "gyutou") in Japan.

(Click on each image to go to the Amazon page.)


For home use

One of the most recommended for home use is Global's knives. The all-metal knives can be washed in a dishwasher.

Like a Japanese sword

If you prefer a knife that is more like a Japanese sword, Kai's Shun chef knife is recommended.

For professional use

Perfectly balanced Misono knives have an international reputation, including among French chefs.

For professional use 2

Long-lasting sharpness. You can read more about Glestain knives in this article.

My Picks of Authentic Japanese Santoku Knives

In Japan, santoku knives are commonly used as all-purpose knives.

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I recommend the following santoku knives:

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High cost-performance

Popular and practical knives for both home and professional use.

High cost-performance 2

High cost performance knives of a major brand. Seki Magoroku is another brand of the same company as Shun.


Excellent all-metal knives that can be washed in a dishwasher.

High-end knife

A high-end kitchen knife with the look and feel of a Japanese kitchen knife.

Personal import from Japan

Finally, due to the recent depreciation of the yen, in some cases it is cheaper to buy directly from Amazon Japan, even if shipping costs are involved. Also, many famous brands that do not have a store on Amazon.com sell many products internationally that are not available on Amazon.com.

You can shop in English from Amazon Japan, check the following page:

>> Shop from Amazon.co.jp (Amazon Japan)

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