In Japan do I have to wear a mask?

In Japan, it is common to wear masks even in September 2022. There is no law in Japan requiring the wearing of masks, but there is an unspoken agreement.

Are the Japanese still afraid of COVID-19?

Partially yes. Japanese TV still reports daily that the number of COVID-19 cases is still high. Cases of sequelae and severe cases due to COVID-19 are frequently reported.

But most of Japanese people have noticed:

  • COVID-19 is not to be feared.
  • Masks are not very effective in preventing infection.
  • Vaccines do not prevent infection.

Nevertheless, Japanese people still wear masks in public places. Why?

This is because many people still wear masks, and those who do not wear them are sometimes disrespected. We reluctantly follow those rules to stay out of trouble, as some people bitterly condemn the unmasked.

As a result, many stores and public transportation systems continue to have rules requiring users to wear masks.

Although many Japanese people are hay fever sufferers and may be comfortable with wearing masks, it is not normal to wear masks during the hot summer months.

And as long as there are rules, Japanese society is cold to those who break them. In the recent news that a driver was punished for forcibly removing a passenger from a bus without wearing a mask, many Japanese were of the opinion that the driver was not at fault.

I do not think this situation is good. I wonder when this situation will change.