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Ambiguity of Yoshihiro’s Knives unknown in Japan

Yoshihiro Cutlery is a popular retailer of Japanese kitchen knives located in Beverly Hills, California.

However, Yoshihiro’s knives are not very well known in Japan.

In detail, “” (“Goh Umanosuke Yoshihiro”) is the signature brand of YAMAWAKI CUTLERY MFG.,LTD. in Japan.

YAMAWAKI CUTLERY MFG.,LTD. official website (in English)

Some of the “Goh Umanosuke Yoshihiro” knives are also available at Yoshihiro Cutlery in the United States.

“Goh Umanosuke Yoshihiro” is a kitchen knife brand that is known by professional chefs in Japan. Some of the knives of this brand are certified as Sakai Forged Knives, a traditional Japanese craft. However, for the average Japanese, with the exception of some chefs, “” is not a well-known brand either.

Two Yoshihiro brands

To tell the truth, the original brand of Yoshihiro Cutlery, “” (Hayate Yoshihiro) is completely unknown in Japan. Also, I cannot find Yoshihiro Cutlery’s store in Japan.

I only became aware of “” when I found out that they were popular in North America. Those knives are labeled as made in Japan, but I cannot confirm where in Japan they are manufactured. At least the manufacturer of the “” is irrelevant.

Some YouTube videos published by Yoshihiro Cutlery confuse these two brands. Sometimes the product link is to ““, even though the video uses ““.

Please be careful not to confuse them as they are completely different. Although they look similar, I have not used either and cannot review their performance differences. If you are already using them and like them, no problem.

How to buy “Goh Umanosuke Yoshihiro” online

Few knives from the prestigious Japanese brand “Goh Umanosuke Yoshihiro” () are available on Amazon.com, but there are several products available for international delivery from Amazon.co.jp (Amazon Japan).

The following link will take you to Amazon Japan’s “” search results page in English.

"郷右馬允義弘" search results on Amazon.co.jp

Note: The “Township Right Horse Yun 義弘” in the product title is the name which “” was mistakenly auto-translated.

By the way, when I searched for Japanese knives on Amazon.com, I found many Japanese knife brands that Japanese people have never heard of.

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