All About Japanese Rice

As a Japanese man, I’ll show you all about Japanese rice.

Japanese people eat rice as our staple foods. Do you know how much rice do Japanese people eat in a year?

The answer is 54.6 kg (120 lbs, dry weight) per person! But the amount has decreased over the past decades. In 1962, they ate 118 kg (260 lbs) in a year.

I’m going to introduce the following topics.

Most Japanese people usually cook rice by using the rice cooker. But it’s easy to cook Japanese rice by other means. I’ll show you some tips which you can make more tasty Japanese rice.

There are many rice brands in Japan. The most popular rice brand is Koshihikari. Now, there are many other tasty rice brands. I’ll show you some brands and their characteristics.

The freshness is a very important factor in tasting good Japanese rice.